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Do you remeber that show where a purple horse used to take Princess Sara to Dar-Shar? That purple horse was Wildfire(one of many) my favorite 80's cartoons. It is too bad the show ended in like the second season! I have a Episode taped it is the Orge's Bride{summary now up!} This one of the only web sites that has Wildfire on it! The bad thing is people don't remeber Wildfire!

Sum.-Sara, a 12-year-old living on a Montana ranch, was whisked away to the other-dimensional land of Dar-Shan by the talking horse Wildfire. Here Sara found she was really a princess, sent to the mortal world during infancy to protect her from villains. An amulet Sara wore around her neck both protected her from harm and gave her supernatural powers. Wicked sorceress Diabolyn wanted the amulet, and this was where the plotline took off. Assisting Sara in warding off Diabolyn and regaining the throne of Dar-Shan were Wildfire's equestrian companions Dorin, Brutus, and Alvinar. By Matt Karpowich {hyperion@gte.net}

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